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WA-GW is a Windows based application that works by automating Chrome Browser, to run WhatsApp Web works as our WhatsApp GateWay

Integration with your own database / application is VERY EASY!
To Send WhatsApp simply insert into the Outbox Table, Check the Incoming Message from the Inbox Table

You can also make WhatsApp Auto Reply / Responder Bot with this

Support with various databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and etc. Support with various databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite and others

What can you make with WhatsApp GateWay ??


More convenient of course Notification via WhatsApp, simpler than Email / SMS


Verification doesn't have to be always via SMS, send via WhatsApp! More efficient and fast


Make it easy for your username to get information via WhatsApp

Bot WhatsApp / AutoReply

It's cool if your users ask questions, and can be answered by WhatsApp Bot which is always available 24 hours

WhatsApp Blast / Bulk

Send a mass message even if it's not in Your contact list. But don't use it for spam
That's ILLEGAL !!

Your Own Income

This is the coolest !!
With this WA-GW, you can make Your Own WhatsApp API to End Users
Become Passive Income right?

Frequently Asked Question

NO this is just a simple application that works naturally using Chrome and WhatsApp Web, it's just that it can be Automated
YES.. !! You can Send Images / Videos / Files as easy as inserting a table only ..
View the demo HERE
There may be components that are lacking / not yet installed, for more details, please see the Installation Guide HERE
You are given a free try to send 1000 messages.
But enough with just Donate for a cup of coffee, you can enjoy without any restrictions ^ _ ^

Your donation is very, very important,
In order to keep support and continue to maintain this application
NO LIMITS, use as needed. But use naturally.
Unauthorized use, can have an impact on account blocking by WhatsApp
Do not use for things that violate the rules, for example SPAMMING!
We cannot be responsible for account blocking. Use appropriately, and avoid using personal WhatsApp accounts.
YES IT CAN.. You can change the name of this application, change your own contacts, change the icon according to what you want, etc.
Please contact me please ..
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